The Bonnaroo Experience - A Short Film By Already Alive

Runtime: 00:3:55
Bonnaroo commissioned independent filmmakers Already Alive to show the festival in a way that words fail to capture. The end result is The Bonnaroo Experience, an intimate lens into this incredible community bound together by music, elevated connection, and limitless possibility. Through a montage of Bonnaroo's many voices and images, this short film sheds light on the festival's many promises: the promise of love, self-discovery, friendship and joy. It begs the question of what the world would look like if this temporary society on The Farm became a way of life.

Production Studio - Already Alive (
Director - Michael Marantz (
Director of Photography - Tim Sessler (
Producer - Daniel Ostroff
Producer - Jessie Goldbas
Producer - Ted Day
SteadiCam Operator - Kyle Fasanella
AC / DIT - Luke Taylor
Story Consultant - Brittany Darwell
Assistant Editor - Gauthier Roussilhe
Assistant Editor - Thomas Niles
Original Music - Michael Marantz -
Talent Agency - The Meta Agency (
Special Thanks to:
Howie Caspe
Justin Bolognino
Seth Scoblionko

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