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I stayed up till 3:30am finishing/rendering this video so that's how much I cared for making this I sacrificed SLEEP *gasps*
Okay but yeah imma post a personal rant below so don't read it if you don't want to. Hope you enjoy :)

Where to start hmm, well I can personally relate to Maya's situation kind of.. my dad isn't in my life and never really has been because he's never cared for me just like Maya's dad. Well hers sort of did but not enough to stay and try with her which sucks. And Shawn's father like role to Maya breaks my heart because I've always wanted that for myself but I'll never have a shawn hunter father figure and I'm just going to accept that. Life isn't a tv show. Lack of father figure is why I push boys away and can't trust them which is what Maya seems to do with Lucas and Farkle and I can just relate to her in that way. Other than that we are complete opposites haha! But yeah this video means so much to me just like the storyline does, I'm so in love with these two as individual characters and as a father/daughter relationship.
Boy Meets World is one of my favourite shows ever and I'm so glad Shawn is getting some good screentime as he's one of my favourite fictional characters, he's so understood and messed up and I just love it.

I have more Shawn Hunter and Maya Hart videos planned but they wont be finished for awhile as I might wait for GMW season 3 to air and see if there are any good scenes from that I can include. :)

It's okay to not have a dad-like figure in your life, there's so many of us out there so please don't feel alone or unloved. Just because your dad didn't stick around doesn't mean others wont. You are beautiful and you are loved.


Coloring: LoveSucksManiac
Fandom: Girl Meets World

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