2017, Year of the New Silk Road & BRICS, Will the US Join?

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LaRouchePAC Policy Committee - December 26, 2016 -- In Face of Global Uncertainties, China Moves to Consolidate Belt and Road
December 26 – 2017 will be a year of consolidation for the Belt and Road, in the face of the rapid changes in the political environment, with the Brexit, the Trump victory, and the Italian elections. A Belt and Road Summit which will pull together the heads of states of the BRI countries and the BRICS Summit to be held in Xiamen, in China’s Fujian province, will be the mainstays of the consolidation. "Holding the two summits comes at the right time when both the trend of anti-globalization among developed economies and calls for greater globalization in the developing countries still exist," Ni Feng, deputy director of the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times. "China's 'going-out' strategy has been confronted with grave difficulties as the anti-globalization sentiment permeating developed countries such as the US, the UK and Italy has thwarted economic recovery worldwide," Ni said. "China will play a positive role in coordinating multilateral [discussion] on global governance via the two high-level forums," Su Ge, president of the China Institute of International Studies, told the Global Times.

"The summit in Xiamen is seen by many as a milestone for BRICS cooperation as its members strive for strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive global growth," Zhu Jiejin, deputy director with the Center for BRICS Studies at Shanghai's Fudan University, was quoted by Xinhua as saying. ``The summit will provide some member states within the BRICS block with an opportunity to turn to China when Western countries cannot be relied on,’’ Ni said.

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